Conference Papers


  • Keynote Speaker, Medievalisms Conference, Centre Umberto Eco, Bologna, November.
  • Keynote Speaker, Medievalisms on Screen conference, Central European University, Budapest/Vienna, April 29th-May 1st.
  • Bad History”, Invited Speaker, What is Medieval? seminar series, Universities of York and Reading, 27th October.


  • “Medieval Television and the Problems of Convergence”, Invited Speaker, The Middle Ages in Contemporary TelevisionUniversity of Bologna, 6th-7th March (postponed due to Covid-19).
  • Using the Past: The Middle Ages in the Spotlight conference, Batalha, Portugal (co-organised Uni. of Lisbon and Madrid), 10th-12th December.


  • “Who Owns the Middle Ages? Participatory Medievalism and Historical Authority”, Keynote speaker, International Medievalism conference on Medievalism & Politics, University of Maynooth, Ireland, 27th-29th June.
  • “Historical Authority in Political Medievalism”, Keynote Speaker, Medievalism between East and West conference, University of Turku, Finland, 26-27th September.
  • International Visiting Professor, Universidad de La Salle, Bogotá, Colombia, 10th-21st June. I designed and delivered a two-week Summer School on Social Media, History and Digital Citizenship. We developed an online, crowd-curated history of Bogotá in English.


  • “Medievalism and Music”, Keynote Responder/Round Table, Music and Medievalism conference, University of Huddersfield, 27th-28th June.
  • “Brexit, Victoriana, and Participatory Medievalism”, International Society for the Study of Medievalism, Brock University, Ontario, 12th-13th October.
  • “‘A chain needs all sorts of metals’: Game of Thrones, Medievalism, and Identity Politics”, Distinguished Visiting Speaker in Medieval and Medievalism Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada, 18th October.
  • “#Medieval: Social Media, Medievalism and Participatory Culture”, Invited Speaker, MA Masterclass in Medievalism, University of Groningen, Netherlands, 5th November.
  • #Medieval: Social Media, Medievalism and Participatory Culture“, Keynote Speaker, The Middle Ages in the Modern World (MAMO) conference, John Cabot University and the
    École française de Rome,
     Italy, 21st-24th November.


  • “Video Games, the Middle Ages, and Transhistorical Thinking”, Invited Speaker, Video Games and History symposium, University of Manchester, 10th February.
  • “Special Effects and CGI in the Epic Film”, Invited Speaker, Special Effects symposium, University of Reading, 8th March.
  • “Medievalism, Brexit and the Myth of Nations,” International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, USA, 10th-14th May.
  • “Creating the Middle Ages: Chi possiede il medioevo online?”, Il Medioevo fra di noi, Università di Urbino, 15th-17th June.
  • “‘History is Our Playground’: Accuracy, Authenticity and Historical Media”, The Middle Ages in the Modern World Conference, University of Manchester, 28th June-1st July. Also Round Table participant on Accuracy and Authenticity at same conference.
  • “Guy Ritchie, King Arthur, and the Great Conspiracy”, International Arthurian Society Triennial Conference, University of Würzburg, 24th-28th July. Also Round Table participant on Political Medievalism at the same conference.
  • “Medievalism, War, and National Identity”, Keynote Speaker, War Through Other Stuff Symposium, Leeds Museum, Leeds, 30th September.
  • “Beyond Genre? Portraying the Past in a Digital Era”, Keynote Speaker, Portraying the Past Conference, University of Sheffield, 15th September.
  • “The Politics of Space: Political Uses of Medieval Statues”, IHR Medievalism Seminar, University of London, 4th October.
  • “‘The Online Piracy Act will take us back to the Dark Ages’: Politics, Medievalism and Online Participatory Culture”, University of Birmingham Medieval Research Seminar, 1st November.
  • “The Politics of Space: Political Uses of Medieval Statues”, University of Lincoln Medieval Research Seminars, 16th November.



  • Epic TV: Historical Epics on the Small Screen“, Cinema and History/Cinema e Storia conference, Universita Roma Tre, Rome, Italy, 26-27th November.
  • “Crusades, Templars, and Cyberjihad: Political Medievalisms in Social Media”, International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, USA, 14-17th May.


  • “ISIS, the Middle Ages and Mass Media”, School of Film and Television Research Seminar, University of Lincoln, 26th November.
  • “Playing with the Middle Ages: History, Medievalism, and Video Games”, invited speaker, School of History Research Seminar, University of Huddersfield, 25th November.
  • Simulations and Simulacra: History in Video Games“, Keynote Speaker at the 28th European Simulation and Modelling Conference (ESM’2014), University of Porto 22-24th October. More info here.




  • “Locating Arthur in the Visual Arts”, International Arthurian Society Conference, University of Bristol, July.
  • “What was the Kraken doing there in the first place? Authenticity and Accuracy in Clash of the Titans”, Rethinking Epic: Epic Film and Television in the 21st Century, University of Lincoln, July.
  • “Locating Images of Arthur and His Historical Capital”, Arthurian panel, Popular Culture Association, San Antonio (TX), April.


  • “Legitimising Violence in Medieval Film”, Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies Conference, London, March.


  • Authenticity and Accuracy in Medieval Film,” University of Exeter, November.
  • “Nobody’s Allowed to Punch the King: Subversions of King Arthur in Modern Arthurian Television”, International Arthurian Society Conference, RennesFrance, July.


  • “A Killing at the Box Office: Representations of Conflict in Medieval Films”, University of Durham, August.
  • “The Charm of the Remaking: The Problems of ‘Medieval’ Serialisation in Modern Arthurian Television”, Popular Culture Association National Conference, Boston, USA, April.
  • “Now is Neither a Time nor a Place: History on Film”, University of Exeter, March.
  • “Fiat Lux, Camera et Actio… the (re)Creation of Medieval Worlds in Film”, University of Bristol, February.


  • “It’s only a Model”: Cinematic Representations of Camelot”, Medievalism Transformed conference, University of Bangor, Wales, 3rd June.